Deep head to 25mm.
Socket and shaft forged from one place steel.
Special inlayed blade insert.

  • Dual color, ergonomic cushion grip handles for maximum comfort.
  • The handle is molded directly onto the blade for permanent bonding.
  • Heavy duty deep head blades, hardened for maximum torque and wear resistance
  • Precision heads for accurate fastener fit, chrome plated anti corrosion finish
  • Handle end comes with screw type mark for easy identification
Model No #

Nut size (mm)

& depth (mm)

Blade length OAL
SD-2800-M4 4 x 2 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M5 5 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M5.5 5.5 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M6 6 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M7 7 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M8 8 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M9 9 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M10 10 x 25 125mm 235mm
SD-2800-M11 11 x 25 125mm 245mm
SD-2800-M12 12 x 25 125mm 245mm
SD-2800-M13 13 x 25 125mm 245mm

Гаечный ключ M5x125 Pro'sKit SD-2800-M5

  • Модель: SD-2800-M5
  • Артикул: SD-2800-M5
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