The new cordless “All Rounder” – Cuts, Scraps, Saws, Sands.

High Impact 5000~16000 ipm

Tool-Free Accessory Fitment

  • for convenient and quick work.

Compact, Balanced Design and Ergonomic Grip

  • provides work comfort.

Quick Release Locking Lever Design

  • Allows you to change accesory anytime, anywhere without tools.

LED Working Light

  • increases visability in dark areas

Quick-Charging & Long-Lasting Battery Pack

  • Comes with 12V/1.3Ah li-ion battery pack which provides longer run-time and quick recharging time in about 1 hour.

Battery Fuel Gauge Indicator

  • Displays remaining run-time for easier battery management.

6 Gear Speed Pre-Selection

  • For best working results at different materials.

Аккумуляторный МФУ инструмент 12V Li-Ion Pro'sKit PT-1210A

  • Модель: PT-1210A
  • Артикул: PT-1210A
  • Наличие: По запросу
  • Цена - По запросу