Brand new improved design with 3,000 ipm and 90 N.m Torque provide optimum performance.

High impact 3000 ipm
High speed 2000 rpm

  • For faster results and application-specific driving.

Max. torque 90 N.m

  • As powerful as it is compact, the driver packs a punch with a high torque.

1/4" hex chuck

  • Enables bit/socket insertion and release to be done with ease.

LED working Light

  • For improved visibility.

Battery Fuel gauge indicator

  • Displays remaining run-time for easier battery management.

Quick-Charging & Long-Lasting Battery Pack

  • Comes with 12V /1.3 Ah li-ion battery pack which provides longer run-time and quick recharging time in about 1 hour.

Stepless Variable speed

  • Features great speed control for enhancing handling safety and efficiency.

Аккумуляторный шуруповерт 12V Li-Ion Pro'sKit PT-1207A

  • Модель: PT-1207A
  • Артикул: PT-1207A
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