• USB Charging
• Force / Time Saving
• LED illumination

Complete Set, satisfy most of precision work.

  • This cordless precision screwdriver includes 6 bits: #000, #00; #0, SL2.0, T5 and T6, also compatible with standard 4 mm bits for precision work such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, toys, cameras, PCs, watches, instruments and other household appliances.

Li-ion rechargeable battery by USB power, easy to use in anywhere

  • Design with li-ion battery can be charged by USB connection, offer high performance and long service life.

Time Saving, Force Saving

  • The compact Screwdriver applies 100 rpm through a single forward / reverse switch which is great for handling tiny screws in tight spaces.

LED illumination

  • Built-in LED work light that provides visibility when working in dark area.

Аккумуляторная отвертка 3.6v Li-ion USB Pro'sKit PT-036U

  • Модель: PT-036U
  • Артикул: PT-036U
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