Drop forged
Wire cutting-Ø2.0mm copper,Ø1.3mm soft steel,Ø0.8mm hard steel
With cut lead catcher. (PM-905F is the same plier without cut lead catcher)

  • Hot drop forged quality carbon steel
  • Cutting edge additionally hardened and tempered
  • Precision cutting edge for soft wire and hard wire
  • With wire spring for self-opening action providing smooth operation
Material HRC Application OAL.(mm)
Body Cutting edge Hard steel Soft steel Copper
S55C 41˚±3˚ 57˚±3˚ Ø 0.8mm Ø 1.3mm Ø 2.0mm 128

Бокорезы Pro'sKit PM-905FHC

  • Модель: PM-905FHC
  • Артикул: PM-905FHC
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