Ideal for removing and trapping contaminants of fiber optic connector end face in fiber optic installations. Pro’sKit cleaning kit provides a complete selection of fiber optic cleaning products, includes cleaning liquid, wipers, cleaner , bulb blower, inspection scope and power meter

1 .MT-7601 Fiber optic power Meter
Fiber optic power test for 850nm/ 1300nm/ 1310nm/ 1490nm/1550nm/1625nm Wavelengths

2. FB-C008/FB-C009  Fiber Optic one Click Cleaner

  • One click for full cleaning
  • 600 cleans for FC/PC, ST,SC or LC MU connectors
  • 180° rotating cleaning system
  • Easy pushing motion
  • Extendable nozzle
  • Indication window

3. FB-C010  Fiber Optic Connector Cleaner

  • Refillable cleaning tape
  • Full cleaning for SC , FC, MU, LC, ST, D4, DIN Connectors

4. 8PK-MA009  Fiber Optic Viewing Scope Kit

  • Makes it simple to view ST / SC / FC
  • 200X magnification
Model Product Name PK-9460
Basic Cleaning Kit

Basic Cleaning and Inspection Kit

Basic Cleaning, Inspection and Loss Test Kit

MS-153A Bulb Blower (Φ42mm)

2.5mm Fiber Optic one Click Cleaner

FB-C009 1.25mm Fiber Optic one Click Cleaner
FB-C010 Fiber Optic Cleaning Cassette
FB-C011 Lint free wiper
9C003 Cleaning Liquid
8PK-MA009 Fiber Optic Viewing Scope Kit  

Fiber Optic Power Meter


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