• Набор инструментов (дюймы, 110V) Pro'sKit PK-15308EM

The upgrade tool kits has more unified CI, and the precision screwdrivers have soft handles for user comfort,  the mini pliers series come with more comfortable handles & better plating and the soldering iron has higher performance and low power consumption than original.

NOTE: For quality reason. we reserve the right to change the above specifications without 

· Empty case detail as TC-311

PK-15308EM(Inch)/PK-15308BM(Metric) Contents
1PK-052DS Dual Color Lineman'sPlier (162mm)
1PK-067DS Dual Color Side CuttingPlier (165mm)
1PK-125T Super Fine Tip Straight Tweezer (120mm)
1PK-709DS Dual Color Long Nose Plier (166mm)
1PK-H028 Adjustable Wrench - 8"
8PK-605A 5 Pcs Needle File Set
8PK-SD016 23Pcs 1/4" Driver Socket Set
908-609 IC Extractor
9DP-031B Desoldering wick(2.0mm)Length(1.5M)
9DP-S001 Pen Solder 63%
9MS-001 PVC Insulated Tape
9PK-153 Brush Black Handle
9SD-202A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-5 5x75mm)
9SD-202B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#1 5x75mm)
9SD-207A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-6 6x100mm)
9SD-207B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x100mm)
9SD-210A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-5 5x100mm)
9SD-210B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#1 5x100mm)
9SD-217B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x250mm)
9SD-220A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-6 6x40mm)
9SD-220B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x40mm)
8PK-3161 7 In 1 Tool for AWG18/16/14/12/10
DK-2039 Utility Knife (3 Blades Self Loading)
DK-2040 Measuring Tape (3M/10FT)
DP-366D Desoldering Pump
HW-229B 9PCS Ball Point Long ArmHex Key Set
HW-609B / HW-609A 10Pcs Electronic Combination Wrench(Metric or inch)
MS-035 Flux Bottle (Unit:2Pcs/Pack)
9MS-153C Ø56mm Bulb Blower
MS-323 Telescopic Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
MS-391 Inspection Mirror
MT-1232 3 3/4 Autorange Digital Multimeter
PD-2606 Heavy Duty Curved-Claw Hammer W/Fiberglass Handle
PD-374 Hobby Vise (Jaw opening 40mm /width 60mm)
PM-736 Long Nose Plier (132mm)
PM-737 Diagonal Cutting Plier (109mm)
PN-P010N Slip-Channel Pump Plier 10" (254mm)
203-132G Utility Component Storage Box
SD-081-P2 Precision Screwdriver(No.00 x 50mm)
SD-081-P5 Precision Screwdriver(No.0 x 75mm)
SD-081-P7 Precision Screwdriver(No.1 x 150mm)
SD-081-S3 Precision Screwdriver(-2.0 x 50mm)
SD-081-S6 Precision Screwdriver(-2.4 x 75mm)
SD-081-S7 Precision Screwdriver(-3.0 x 100mm)
SR-330 All Purpose Snip (165mm)
SI-130A-20 Ceramic soldering iron 110V or 220V
9PK-15308-P Pallet for PK-15308
TC-311 Heavy-Duty ABS Case With Wheels And Telescoping Handle


PK-15308EM (Inch)

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Набор инструментов (дюймы, 110V) Pro'sKit PK-15308EM

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