• Комплект для обслуживания сетей (дюймы, 110V) Pro'sKit PK-14019A

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Model No.
Case size (mm)
PK-14019A (Inch)
PM-736 Long nose plier 135mm
Pm-737 Diagonal cutting plier 110mm
1PK-067DS Dual color side cutting plier 165mm
1PK-709Ds Dual color long nose plier 150mm
1PK-H026 Adjustable wrench 6"
MT-1232 3-3/4 Autorange digital multimeter
3PK-NT023N Tone probe kit
9HW-002A/B 7pcs hex key set (inch) or (metric)
CP-3140 Punch down tool 110 blade
SR-330 All purpose snip
MT-8001 Butt set
MT-8091 In-line modular adapters 4/6/8 pin 3 in 1
PD-998 Electrician's knife
SD-201A  Pro-soft screwdriver 3.0 x75mm
SD-201B  Pro-soft screwdriver #0 x75mm
SD-207A  Pro-soft screwdriver 6.0 x100mm
SD-207B  Pro-soft screwdriver #2 x100mm
SD-210A  Pro-soft screwdriver 5.0 x100mm
SD-210B  Pro-soft screwdriver #1 x100mm
9SD-200-I1/M5 Pro-soft screwdriver 3/16"(inch) or 5mm(metric)
9SD-200-I2/M6 Pro-soft screwdriver 1/4"(inch) or 6mm(metric)
TC-310 Deluxe aluminum frame tool case

Комплект для обслуживания сетей (дюймы, 110V) Pro'sKit PK-14019A

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  • Артикул: PK-14019A
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