• Модульный адаптер Pro'sKit MT-8091
The MT-8091, In-line Modular Adapter allows in-line testing for any plug/jack combination. It includes two 4-pair jacks plus a modular cord terminated with 4-pair "universal" plug for accessing any standard 6- or 8-position jack.
Individual conductors are broken out by pin number and correspond to eight separate test pads. Test equipment can be securely attached to the test pads using alligator clips. For quick reference in the field, USOC, T568A, and T568B wiring charts are printed right onto the body.
  • The modular tester is designed to offer the connection from 4/6/8 wire plug and jack to modular tester pin and can be working on inline testing via multiple plug/jack combinations. 
  • With the accessory of 3 connection lines for 8 pin to 4/6/8 pin 205mm(8 inch) and 2 adapters for 8 pin male to 4/6 pin female, the telephone's message can be connected to computer's network.
  • This adapter is suitable for any 4/6/8 wire application, especially for RJ-11/RJ-12/RJ-45 (USOC/T568A/T568B).
  • Pro'sKit In-Line Modular Adapter can be applied to any brand of Butt Sets or Lan Cable Testers or Tone Generators. Good for the usage of network installers or telephone service technicians.


Модульный адаптер Pro'sKit MT-8091

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