DC 60V Circuit Protection
3 in 1 One Touch Test

• Comprehensive cable tester for RJ45, RJ11/12/22, BNC cable check.

• Long cable test more than 300 meters • Provides 2 scan modes (Slow /Fast) to detect cable status – good connection, open, crossed wire or short.

• Pin to pin cable map indicator

• DC 60V input protect ion ensures user safety and product service life

Cables Tested

UTP and STP LAN cables Terminated in RJ-45, RJ-11/12/RJ22 cables with male connectors, BNC cables with male connectors. 

Display (Main Unit)

1-8 LED , S (Shielded)

Display (Remote Unit)

1-8 LED , S (Shielded)



Max. Testing Distance



 BNC-RJ45 Adaptor *1pc


 12V   23A *1pc

Кабельный тестер LAN Pro'sKit MT-7031

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  • Артикул: MT-7031
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