●Strong Anti-Noise Availability
●PoE Switches & STP Wire Tracing up to 3KM
●Telephone Line Status/Polarity Indication
●Cable Mapping & Status Indication up to 300M

Strong Anti-Noise Availability

  • With EMI filters to eliminate high frequency noise allows you to track wire easily and quickly

Telephone Line Status/Polarity Indication

  • Identify the telephone line polarity easily and detect status such as severed lines, off-hook condition, or incoming call ringing

PoE Switches & STP Wire Tracing up to 3KM

  • Ideal for tracking live Ethernet cables as well as STP cable and determining continuity of network

Cable Mapping & Status Indication up to 300M

  • Fast/Slow scan function.
  • Display the result of pin to pin cable mapping
  • Display cable status and troubleshoot wiring
  • for continuity, shorts, opens and crossover

Non- Contact Voltage Detecting

MT-7029 Transmitter specifications
Tone frequency 130KHz
Max. distance of transmission& cable map 3km&300m
Tone mode Single tone
Compatible connectors

for RJ45(8 pin)/RJ11(6 pin) cable map
test socket/RJ45 SCAN socket : for RJ45 locating Individual wire pairs/

RJ11 SCAN socket: for RJ11 locating Individual wire pairs

Cable types tested RJ45 Lan cable Cat 5,5e,6(UTP/ STP),
RJ11/12 Telephone cable (6P/2C/4C/6C)
Continuity test 1 LED (≦300Ω), Coaxial cable & normal solid/
Stranded wire by alligator clips patch cord.
Cable map & shielded indication 8 LEDs Fast/slow dual speed, 1 LED
Phone line polarity indication 1 Dual color LED
Telephone line status indication 1 Dual color LED
Network scan & PoE scan 1 LED&1 LED
EMI filter(network scan & PoE scan) YES
Other function Live telecommunication equipment test and router test,
voltage protection DC 48V, auto power off, low battery display
Battery type DC 9V (NEDA 1604/6F22) x1 pcs (not included)
Dimension (L×W×D) 138×80×35 mm
MT-7029 Receiver specifications
Frequency 130KHz
Compatible connectors RJ45(8 pin)/RJ11(6 pin)
Signal status indication 1 dual color LED & buzzer, building ear jack
Cable map& shielded indication 8 LEDs&1 LED
NCV indication 1 LED (AC90~1000V)
LED illumination 1 LED
Battery type 9V DC (NEDA 1604/6F22) x1 pc (not included)
Dimension (L×W×D) 203×50×32 mm
Accessories RJ45 cable patch cords、RJ11 cable patch cords、RJ11 to alligator clips patch cord,earphone, storage bag, user manual


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