Ideal for grooves, gaps and other intricate surfaces of digital camera, phone set, keyboard, electronic equipment and more.

  • High speed rpm and easy-to-use handy vacuum cleaner with attachments for vacuuming / blowing / brushing off dirt and dust.
  • Comes complete with an easy-empty dirt trap and debris catcher.
  • Uses gentle cordless electric vacuuming power with crevice tool & brush attachments for cleaning in hard to reach places.
  • Runs on 4 “AA” batteries available everywhere.
Model No. MS-C002
Speed 25,000 rpm
Torque 26 g-cm
Output 5.15W/1.83A
Voltage DC 6.0V (AA 1.5V×4 pcs)
Body size Φ45×130×90 mm

Мини вакуумный пылесос Pro'sKit MS-C002

  • Модель: MS-C002
  • Артикул: MS-C002
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