30% crimping force saving
Ratchet Mechanism
Adjustable Crimping Pressure
  • New mechanical design, up to 30% crimping force saving than regular crimper.
  • Made from high quality carbon steel with black oxide finished for anti-rust.
  • High crimping quality due to precision dies and integral lock. 
  • Ergonomically shaped non-slip TPR handle for user comfort. 
  • The thickness of 6.0mm ratcheting mechanism provides high effort saving and good pressure adjustment. 
Material Application Crimp size OAL.(mm) Individual packing

Frame: S50C

Die: AISI 4140

Handle: TPR

Non-insulated open barrel
connectors for pice width

AWG: 30-24/22-18
DIN/GB 0.05-0.25/0.5-1.0mm2
JIS 0.05-0.25/0.35-0.9mm2

225 Blister card

Кримпер D-Sub Pro'sKit CP-384N

  • Модель: CP-384N
  • Артикул: CP-384N
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