• Инструмент для расшивки кабеля Pro'sKit CP-3150
  • Ergonomic cushion grip with duplex color design, molded to shape of hand provides comfort and easy operation, non-slip grip.
  • ABS+TPR material, rigid handle provides excellent durability performance.
  • Spare blade storage chamber in handle.
  • Increased HI/LOW forces to meet demands of all Category cables through Cat6.
  • It meets all industry requirements for wiring 110,Krone, PANASONIC and 66 blocks





Individual Packing


Blade: SAE4140

Hi-Low adjustable pressure

Hi: 40 lbs (178 N)

Low: 30 lbs (133 N)

1pcs 110/88 & 1 pcs dual 66 with cut function (5CP-16,5CP-16B)

Blister Card


Инструмент для расшивки кабеля Pro'sKit CP-3150

  • Модель: CP-3150
  • Артикул: CP-3150
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