• Браслет заземляющий Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1
Cpmpact: The kit contains a mat, a wrist strap and a ground cord
Portable: provides a complete portable esd safe workstation for personnel working with electronics in the field.
ESD Static Protection: 10^9 Ω~10^11Ω
  • Used by technicians in telecommunications, computer repair, industrial controls, imaging machines and business equipment service applications.
  • Antistatic, portable, protective worksurface with a pocket along the bottom edge.
  • Provided with 2 kinds of wrist strap for choices - 6ft wrist strap and 10ft grounding w/ bottom.
  • The entire ESD kit folds to fit into most tool cases.
  • RoHS compliant
  • Resistivity: 109~1011Ω




Wrist belt

Size (mm)

Individual Packing

Conductive PVC


With 6ft wrist strap and 10ft grounding
wire w/bottom


Color Box




Браслет заземляющий Pro'sKit 8PK-AS07-1

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