- Precise
- Fast
- Strip Cable Ø 4.5-25 mm (Ø 0.18"~1.0")

  • Suitable for stripping cables of Ø4.5-25mm(0.18"-1.0")
  • Use a solid spring to control the space for cables of different diameters.
  • V-shape cable holder gives you a good operating experience.
  • Convenient design, easy to use and force saving.
Material Applications Replacement
OAL. Individual
Body Blade   Blade holder
ABS + Fiber
SK5 Plastic Strip cables from ø4.5-25mm
 (ø0.18"~1.0") diameter 
5PK-325-BL 150mm Blister

Инструмент для разделки круглого кабеля Pro'sKit 8PK-325

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