• Керамическая отвертка Pro'sKit 1PK-034NB
· No electromagnetic induction
· No eddy current loss in High Frequency (HF)
· Electrically and thermally insulated
· Non-magnetic
· Non-static
· Resistant to acid. (except hydrofluoric)

·  No electromagnetic induction
·  No eddy current loss in High Frequency (HF)
·  Electrically and thermally insulated
·  Non-magnetic
·  Non-static
·  Resistant to acid. (except hydrofluoric)



Type (mm)

OAL (mm)

Individual Packing

Bit: Zirconia
Handle: ABS


123.5(w/o Cap)

Double Blister




Керамическая отвертка Pro'sKit 1PK-034NB

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